The Honey Man – Heiros Gamos

egyptian Marriage of Inanna and Dumuzi

He has sprouted, he has mushroomed, he is well-watered lettuce,**
my shaded garden of the plain, his mother’s favourite,
my grain luxuriant in its furrows, he is well-watered lettuce;
my fruit-filled apple tree, he is well-watered lettuce

The honey-man*, the honey-man will sweeten me always
my lord, the honey-man of the gods, his mother’s favourite,
with honey-hands, with honey-feet, will sweeten me always
His honey-sweet limbs, will sweeten me always.

The one who altogether sweetens my navel, my favourite of his mother,
with beautiful thighs, and powerful arms! My ……, he is well-watered lettuce.

Inanna and the Honey Man

*This poem is from a Sumerian texts which describe the official marriage of the king (physical, human) to Inanna, told from the perspective of her representative, the priestess.  Within it there is, as in the Song of Songs, שִׁיר הַשִּׁירִים (or as some know it the Song of Solomon) imagery and metaphors of of nature, of animal, vegetation  and gardens used to describe  sexual parts & the sexual act.

 **in other words ‘growing nicely. . . ‘

see also Sumerian Songs

Kramer, Samuel Noah (1969). The Honey-man. Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament with Supplement . Pritchard, James B. (Ed.). Princeton, N.J: Princeton University Press. P. 645.
The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature [ETCSL] (2003). The song of the lettuce: a balbale to Inana (Dumuzid-Inana E). Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford. Accessed 6/2011.


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