The Ebon Kteis

Having recently received my copy of Pillars III- The Ebon Kteis,  [ Anathema Publishing 2014]  I have started to read, with earnest.

Ebon Kteis

I am at the moment reading[again] and ‘meditating ‘ on Shani Oates essay, ‘Divine Lotus, Prophetic Pearl and Holy Whore’ .

While this is, like much of Ms Oates work, not ‘easy’ reading; in that she uses some complex phraseology, terminology and mythology.  I have to admit that I have had to actually go and look up some words and phrases.

However, there has been a return threefold if not more. What I have found within her essay has touched me deeply both spiritually and magically. Stirring within me that which I had almost forgot was there, and which I can own to up to neglecting. It has led me, and is still leading me , on a merry and most welcome dance. Opening up aspects and corners of my subconscious/mind that have been left to gather dust. And I am truly thankful.

There are other wonderful essays, poetry and art in there too, which I am so very much  looking forward to reading, contemplating, meditating on and learning from.

I just want to add that  while I know it has now sold out as there are limited numbers produced, but that if you do get chance to own or read a copy of this wonderful journal, I urge you strongly to do so.

Psalter and Hours of Bonne of Luxembourg, Duchess of Normandy, Attributed to Jean Le Noir (French, active 1331–75),

Psalter and Hours of Bonne of Luxembourg, Duchess of Normandy, Attributed to Jean Le Noir (French, active 1331–75),



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