Sexual Initiation

I am sharing and Reblogging this excellent article.

The use of Sex as Initiation into the Craft is something that needs to talked about a lot more within our community. In that,  some may state that it is a valid way, most will not and see it as not necessary.  And sadly like in many areas  there is opportunity for abuse by some of the more unscrupulous amongst the ‘ Pagan’ community.

This is something we must all be aware of.

Sexual Initiation, in my personal opinion and practice, is never needed and anyone who tells you that  it is,  should be aware that questions about them, their practice will and should be asked.

As a good friend of mine as stated in her blog, states that ‘trust must be earned not automatically given just because we follow the same, or a similar spiritual path.’

Druid Life

I’m hearing rumours of a man who takes young women out into the woods having convinced them that sexual initiation is a good way to go. Of course it isn’t, because like any shortcut to magical insight, spiritual understanding and personal growth, it doesn’t work. Short cuts don’t work, and anyone offering them is mostly interested in something else – sex and money being high on the list.

That said, sex has huge potential to be magical and transformative, intensely spiritual and sacred. It’s important to talk about when to say ‘yes’ to such an experience not least because this also makes the ‘no’ situations easier to recognise.

The reason that people use sex for magic, is the energy involved, and the openness. That energy depends on lust. You’re looking for something hot, intense and with enough trust to allow you to be open so that the second source of…

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