Rosehip and Apple Jelly recipe – Sunshine in a Jar

As it is that time of year again – I shall be making a few jars in the next few days – some for myself andsome for friends and family …look out for more recipies

Tales From The Under Gardener's Lodge

Rosehip*and Apple ** Jelly recipe


•    2 lb/900g rosehips
•    4 lb/1800g of apples. I like to use windfalls as they are usually free (good if you have  or know someone with an apple tree).  However, whatever apples you have is okay
•    Zest of half a lemon (optional)
•    Juice of half a lemon which is approximately  one tablespoon of juice if you don’t have a fresh lemon to hand (again optional)
•    Sugar –  for very pint (600ml ) of strained juice you need to use 1lb(454g) of white granulated sugar 1:1 ration
•    I was told that this recipe will make approximately 14 half pound jars, however,  I have never got that much out of it, so I suggest having jars available… but you may not use them .
Now the original recipe I found suggested cooking the rosehips and the apples separately as rosehips take…

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