I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide…

‘I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.’*


 Sunday 24th November – was [and still is] my Birthday. 

This year it wasn’t one of those ‘special’ ones, so not one I had to really think[worry]  about.  So when Lou asked me what I wanted to do, my first thought was I need to go to the Sea. 

Now The Undergardener’s Lodge ,as beautiful as it it is, is bang in the centre of the country and as Landlocked as one can get. 


[we are right down at the bottom middle!]

Indeed we are approximate 60 miles away from the East Coast.  Though the pace I wanted to go was a little further north , across the Humber, a small seaside town called Bridlington.


Bridlington, is a very old town, and can be traced back to before the Domesday Book and there is archaeological evidence  which shows that there have been people living in the are and the town for more than 3,000 years.   Indeed excavations in the town centre had found flint arrowheads  and a skeleton of a woman, bearing the traces of a bronze armlet dating from 2,000 years ago. 

bridlington doomsday book

Just out of the town  in the near by Yorkshire Wolds  there is evidence of prehistoric settlements and occupation, where excavations has found Chariot Burials , tumili and entrenchments , and Danes Dyke,  which despite it’s name [ it’s was not built by the Danes], is also of prehistoric origin is just outside of the town and close to Flamborough Head.  Danes Dyke is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and since 2002 is also a wonderful Nature Reserve.

Danes Dyke girls

But I did not go there for The history, or archaeology as interesting as it is  – I went for a walk on the beach, the fresh air, the sea and of course fish and chips.

I really love the seaside in Winter, and we were very fortunate that it was a glorious, if not cold day.

anchors away 24.11.13

harbour  24.11.13harbour 3harbour 5

shea harbour 24.11.13knot yellow 24.11.13

looking across north 1looking north 24.11man & his dog reflections south beach 24.11.13

North shore brid  2 24.11.13North shore brid 24.11.13

cockles & welks 24.11.13amusments 24.11.13south beach looking north 2south beach reflections 24.11.13sun 2 south beach 24.11.13sun south beach 24.11.13

As the sun started to go down,  we headed of to Flamborough Head, where were blown away and not just by the wind

flamborough head  13flamborough head  14flamborough head 2flamborough head 3      flamborough head 4  flamborough head 1 24.11.13

flamborough head 7flamborough head 8                                                  flamborough head 9flamborough head  full 1flamborough head  16flamborough head  sunsetflamborough head  15a As you can, these amazing changes of colour all in a matter of minutes- indeed the time from arriving to leaving Flamborough head was less than 45 minutes…

The Sun goes down by 4pm at this time of year..

I have so many more photographs.. but well these were the ones which I think give you, dear reader, an idea of how beautiful and different the East Coast of Yorkshire can be.

For me the beauty was what was needed, as we go into winter, as the darkness envelopes us and the cold nights come in so early. 

I need that breath of fresh air, the saltness of the Sea, the bitter sweet bite of the wind and the call of the Gulls .  I needed the wildness of it all, something to hold on to while we wait for Spring.. for new life and new beginning. 

*Sea Fever – John Masefield [1876-1967]


[c] Shullie H Porter 2011-2013


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