A timelessness here where the wild garlic grows*

Where Wild Garlic Grows

Bowed down and grown weary of bleak city toils,
Of noise and pollution and consumer spoils,
I searched for a haven and verily chose
One favoured by Nature, where wild garlic grows.
The mountains stand sentinel, guarding my days,
And lift my eyes heavenwards to sing and to praise
The glory of Nature, her will to impose
A timelessness here where the wild garlic grows.
When jouneying far the wild swans come to call,
To herald the spring and to witness the fall,
I honour their sail past and solemn propose
A toast from the banks where the wild garlic grows.
The deer come to nibble my plants in the night,
The owl and the bats celebrate the moonlight,
The stars stud my windows and ere my eyes close
I thankfully rest where the wild garlic grows.
When winter’s upon us and thunder clouds roar,
And savage winds race icy waves high on shore,
I sit burning driftwood in seemly repose
And dream of the season when the wild garlic grows.
The thyme and the heather and sweet briar rose,
The fruits of the forest, and God only knows,
From dawn’s early calling until the dusk’s close
My soul is at peace where the wild garlic grows.

wild garlic garden 2 2013

It’s that time of year again – though this year the season has been much later.  I managed to pick some last month, but as the winter has been so long, it all went back to sleep again. Only now has the Wild garlic started to grow again and flower.   Well in The Lodges’ small kitchen garden, – but in the woods, in the woods it’s a different story. 

The flower buds are still pretty tightly closed, making the leaves still sweet with everlasting youth.

I followed the same recipe as last time– well almost


  • 100 wild garlic leaves – nice and fresh and picked straight from the Jervis Lum…  I didn’t add  the flowers this time.
  • DSCF3944A large handful of the Lemon Balm which is running amok at the moment – straight from the Lodge’s Kitchen – and very fresh.
  • lemon balm 175g of toasted pine nuts
  • toasted pine nuts10 tbsp Virgin Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil * – or as much as you feel it needs
  • Yorksire Virgin Rapeseed Oil This is the first time I have used Rapeseed Oil in something like pesto- it’s very very light.  I liked this as it is form Yorkshire, and I know not too far from the Lodge itself.
  • yorkshire rape oil30g parmesan cheese, grated – I added a little more!
  • sea salt – freshly ground to taste
  •  freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • and this time I added a little sugar- 1 tsp.

The above made just over 2 1lb jars – but as I had promised some taste samples to some friends, I used some small jam jars too.  

wild garlic jars 1  May 2013So the above amount gave me  5 small taste jars and almost 2 full 1lb jars.

wild garlic jars small 1  May 2013[I hope that makes sense!]

And of course I had to taste it myself- with Dove’s Gluten Free Pasta

wild garlic past and wine a1And of course a rather nice glass of a white, crisp Portuguese Chardonnay **

This Wild Garlic and Lemon Balm Pesto is very light, and delicate. 

I may play around more with it, and try adding either more Lemon Balm and/or some lemon peel/juice .

If anyone else tries it please let me know how you go on and what you think…

Wild Garlic and Bluebells May 2012

* Janette Valentine is a Scottish Poet, songwriter, playwright.

**Segreo do Lisboa – Frrnao-Pires Arinto Chardonnay – this is the first time I tried this wine, I am not a great white wine drinker, but a red would be too heavy with this Pesto – and  this was on offer – hey a girl has to save her pennies – it’s was cool and crisp – slight lemon/citrus /floral taste – and served chilled/

[c] Shullie H Porter 2013


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