‘For I must into the vale of Avylyon to hele me of my grevous wounde…’*

It’s a been a fantastic and a very busy Month so far … May has whosssed in faster than …well  lets say fast!

Beltaine has been and passed… sadly no dancing around the May Pole here, the weather has been atrocious.  I did manage to go out and wash my face in the dew.. well the rain and the dew, was hard to tell.   We have had rain rain and more rain…

Though my days as May Queen have long long passed.  *laughs*

I may have mention before we had to sandbag the doors at time as the rain became a river and flooded down the paths and the ground became sodden. A drought had been called in many places in the UK.  Ironically  just the day before the rains came, but even though the reservoirs are now filled, we may still have issues if the Summer is Hot. The rain came at the wrong time.

Lucky , the drains were cleared, and there were no real catastrophes. Though I did spend one restless night worrying if we were going to come down the next morning to a foot of water. 

OH has stood down from the Ark building at present… though if I am honest I was never sure how he was going to get it up from the cellar!

Mosaic of ‘Building the Ark’ in the Atrium of the
San Marco Basilica in Venice, Italy, dating from the 13th century.

Thankfully, just before we moved in last year, work was undertaken and a new culvert was built for the stream that runs down through the Lum. 

But the rain has been good for the trees – the Avenue is looking exceptionally Green as you can see

We were talking this morning and it’s a year since we were offered the Lodge… how time has passed.

After the wonderful weekend in Norfolk, which I have already told you about, I was away again last weekend.

This time it was in Glastonbury  or the Isle of Avalon as some still refer to it as.  Glastonbury is a wonderful place, with lots of places to visit, such as Chalice Well, Glastonbury Abbey, the Glastonbury Goddess Centre and many more. 

Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882). "King Arthur in Avalon." From: Tennyson, Alfred. Poems. London: Edward Moxon, 1857. P. 119.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882). “King Arthur in Avalon.” From: Tennyson, Alfred. Poems. London: Edward Moxon, 1857. P. 119.

A great place to find out where to go, what’s going on and how to get there is the Glastonbury Pilgrim Centre,  which is a not-for-profit organisation, that was formed by a group of local residents in 2007 and is supported by volunteers.

Oh and of course some amazing and wonderful shops- oh and lots of book shops!

[ Image from and copy-write of Blog of Vain Glory Sinner 2011- mine did not come out! – her blog is good fun, full of interesting  posts and she likes some similar things to me. ]

There are some wonderful places to stay in Glastonbury, and I stayed at the most amazing Covenstead, a somewhat unusual B&B, even by Glastonbury’s standards. But one of the most beautiful, amazing and  chilled out places to be.  It’s esoteric and witchcraft themed, and full of the most delectable  curios, and magical items. It’s like a museum, you could spend days just looking at all the items that have been collected and wonderful put together.  there are numerous books to read, and of course the most important [for me] it has wonderfully  comfortable beds to sleep in. 

The owner and her wonderful familiar, OK her beautiful Samoyed dog, Freyja, take fantastic care of the guests, and the breakfasts are amazing.  Nothing is to much bother, and it’s a place I can highly recommend. 

I wish I had taken more photos of it.  but take a look at the website and you can see the standard of the room, all immaculately clean, and all had a wonderful feel to them.

( he was shy and wouldn’t ‘t come into breakfast! )

Why was I there, well I was there for the first ever,  The Hekate Triformis Symposium, 2012.  Which was ‘awesome’… in every meaning of the word.  I had the most wonderful,  magical and spiritual time.  I have come home refreshed and raring to go.

I can’t say much at the moment, I am still processing it, enough to say I have become a Devotee of the Goddess Hekate.   Though in reality, I do believe, as do many of my friends, that she has been in my life for a very long time now.   I have jokingly said that she holds the key to the Lodge, and it was through Her that we arrived here.  I am now sure she does.

The Covenstead B&B were involved and supported the Symposium, and the every morning we were blessed to sit and have our breakfast before a Hekate Altar.  Now this may not be every one’s cup of tea, but we were aware before we sat that there would be an alter.  However, this was spectacular.

I ate and drank out most nights at the George & Pilgrim Pub, which is believed to be one of the oldest Pubs in the South West, and the building dates back to around 1400s, … great food and wonderful company. 

According to Cary’s Travellers Companion(1812) there were two inns at Glastonbury : the White Hart, opposite the Abbey, which dated from the 15th century and still exists and The George Inn This is a view of the centre of the town from a book called The Beauties of England and Wales. It shows the George & Pilgrim, though then just called The George Inn, it is the building with the sign hanging from it, on the left.

A description of Glastonbury from the above book, says:

This town is situated in the Isle of Avalon so called from its apples or from Avallac a British chief said to have first pitched his residence here..Like Wells Glastonbury is indebted for its origin to its monastic institutions which claim the hour of having existed from a period nearly coeval with Christianity. According to the monkish annuals Glastonbury was first instituted by St Joseph of Arimathea who buried the body of our Saviour, and whom Phillip the apostle of Gaul sent to preach the gospel in Britain….

I obviously had to partake of the local beverage.  I mean it would seem rude to go to Somerset and not drink Cider now wouldn’t it!

So that’s a rather quick update for you….the was, as always more to say, and I am sure I will. today we have some sunshine, and I am off for a wander up to the woods again, with my trust dog,  to see what I can find. I will of course post any images that I take…

*Morte D’Arthur Thomas Malory, ed. Vinaver, p. 716)


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  1. Tara says:

    I was very excited to find the icon of Joseph of Arimathea, which I have never come across, and the old picture of central Glastonbury. Thank you!

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