*April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.*

Life here at The Under Gardner’s lodge has been rather hectic. 

It seems I have neglected you and I am so sorry.

I have checked in everyday, and wonderful to see how many visitors I have had, and from where people come from.  Though I do wish some of you would leave me a word or two.

 I have stared work full time, and while I am enjoying the fruits of my work, I do miss the time I had at home, even though we have had not thing but rain – or so it seems.

 I think those hot days in March  fooled us into believing Summer had arrived, Though it did feel a tad strange with all that sunshine and heat- and no leaves on the trees.

 April has lived up to it’s name here and we have had weeks of April Showers, with the odd flood!

So I thought I would leave you a  small Montage of the photos I have taken  for the last few weeks.

I hope you enjoy

Misty Morning, with the rain makings it’s way down to us …

Then Clear skies and sunny moments

Which way to go….                                Running up that Hill…

Nothing But Blue Skies

Daisy Daisy Give me Your Answer Do…

Looking down to the City

Rob Rob Robin

and his partner in crime ….

Bob Bob Bobing Along

These are the two male Robins that appear to live together, quite happily in the Holy tree by the side of the Lodge

Looking down the Drive to Home

Blue Bell Woods

  The Eagle has landed


Then came the Hail!

And this is my Familiar, my Crow, I am sure it is the same one, that follows me around ‘Our Back garden’ when I walk Madam

There are many more photos , but my computer seems to be on slow. 

Or it’s someone telling me to get to bed, as I am off on my travels tomorrow.

I’m off down to deepest darkest Norfolk  for a few days at the Sea, drinking champagne and celebrating life . 

I shall of course share when I get back.

Lots of Photos I hope!

Plus more recipes  and Photos of the goodies I have made with the abundance of Wild Garlic we have here….  Wild Garlic and Green pea Risotto, Wild Gallic and Butternut Squash Soup  and and Wild Garlic and Parsley Pesto!


About Wælcyrie

I'm a 50 plus [ how time flies] multifaceted, oxymoron, who can never really make her mind up. A Follow of the Hekate, a Wælcyrie who walks in the liminal spaces, between and betwix. a Medium, ( I'll talk to anyone dead or alive), a Writer of short stories, a disorganised Blogger, Cake Baker, Jam Maker; Mother Grandmother and Wife.
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3 Responses to *April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.*

  1. Cymraes says:

    Beautiful pictures! 🙂 I look forward to seeing more over the seasons – we have had terrible weather of late but hopefully the sun will shine and summer return with swallows on the wing and the sweet perfume of summer will fill our souls with bliss!

    May your May Day be Blessed!


  2. Po says:

    I like your blog very much and look often. I used to visit Sheffield often when my daughter lived there . . . and miss it now. I never went to your park, however, and am sorry I missed it.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos

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