‘Now is the globe shrunk tight’- for baby Jennifer

Snowdrop by Ted Hughes

Now is the globe shrunk tight
Round the mouse’s dulled wintering heart.
Weasel and crow, as if moulded in brass,
Move through an outer darkness
Not in their right minds,
With the other deaths. She, too, pursues her ends,
Brutal as the stars of this month,
Her pale head heavy as metal.

I couldn’t help but think of this poem when we saw the snowdrops pushing their way up through the dark and frozen soil and through the matter and membranes of the rotting leaves…

On a day when their was so much worry for many and for a young family we know in particular who are fighting the hardest battle of their life – for baby Jennifer, who has meningitis and who is fighting every inch of the way and for her parents, Chris and Lucy, the site of these ‘globes shrunk tight’ gave me hope.

Holding you all in our hearts and sending all our love and healing prayers to you all

 ©2011, 2012  Shullie H Porter.  All Rights Reserved.


About Wælcyrie

I'm a 50 plus [ how time flies] multifaceted, oxymoron, who can never really make her mind up. A Follow of the Hekate, a Wælcyrie who walks in the liminal spaces, between and betwix. a Medium, ( I'll talk to anyone dead or alive), a Writer of short stories, a disorganised Blogger, Cake Baker, Jam Maker; Mother Grandmother and Wife.
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