And I serve the Fairy Queen, / To dew her orbs upon the green*

Today I got up early- well for a Sunday, and went for a wonderful 2 hour wander around ‘our back garden’ with the rangers and a wonderful knowledgeable man called ‘Steve’  

I and  eight other intrepid explorers, were out to find Fungi!

Now we didn’t have to go far before we found some… you will have to excuse me, as I took pictures and then didn’t catch the names, so if you see one I haven’t names let me know or is you think one is not correctly names – again please let me know.

This one is a Candle Snuff or Stags Horn

and this one is a Buttercup – though a slug or two seems to have been enjoying it

I can’t remember what these were called but that there were very bitter to the taste according to Steve and poisonous!

This is a Fairy’s or Angel’s Bonnet

A Jelly Ear

A rather flat honey fungus

To the right is a shaggy Parasol found by one of our younger  explorers

Above is Green Elf Cap, its a very vivid green colour, and turns the wood it grows on a very beautiful green colour.  this is the first time this has been found in these woodland, well recorded.  One very proud Ranger who spotted it!   There was also  a purple Elf cup too, but sadly my camera was not up to the challenge.

This looked like Woodbluit at first, but on closer inspection with his magnifying glass Steve told us that he thought that it was a  Cortunanaus – which is extremely poisonous, and which is often mistaken for the Bluit … and there have been cases where it was fatal.

And while we did not find an Fairy Rings we did find quite a few Fairy Bonnets and a few Milking Bonnets…

Within 90 minutes, we had only walked half a mile or so through the ancient woodlands – Jervis Lum,  and we  had found  approximately 28 different species.    I find this utterly  Amazing, so much beauty beneath our feet and so close by, yet we hardly notice it. 

I have so enjoyed this, I think may have to invest in not only a better camera  but also the Collins Complete British Mushrooms and Toadstools: The essential photograph guide to Britain’s fungi 

This is  Split Paw Crust


These are just a few… and when I get the list off Steve with all the names  I will update and let you know…

The magic of this place constantly  astounds me and once again I feel really blessed living here.

As I said sadly we did not see any Fairy rings here this time, I think mainly because we were in the woodland but I shall keep my eyes open.

*William Shakespeare,  A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act II, Scene I


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