Indian Summer


These are the days when skies put on
The old, old sophistries of June, —
A blue and gold mistake…

Here at the Lodge we are having somewhat of a ‘Indian Summer‘ , as are many places in the UK. 

As I sit and have my morning cup of tea, taking a moment before the day began, the temperature is already sufficient enough for me to sit there in my pj bottoms and a vest

While we seem to have a late spurge in September, before the Autumn finally sets in, this year’s Indian Summer ‘ has broken  records. 

The last week has been more like a mid summers day.  You know the kind that we remember as children, that go on and one.

And the ones we dream off when we are old.  

Gone are the scarves , woolen coats, and boots we were wearing only a week ago, and back out again those Summer clothes we had  just so wistfully put away.

The same can be said for life here.  The ‘back garden ‘ has been filled with summer laughter, people, playing games, and having picnics. 

People playing Basketball, just taking some time out …

…and of course Sunday Footie

The fruit bushed are filled with berries, a pantry for the birds and the forrager.

I was able to make jam and jellies…

Here is a just one bowl full of rose hips that I collected to make Rose Hip Jelly

(pics of which to follow )

Though their is an old wives tale that say the more berries the worst the winter…

and  the Holly trees in our ‘back garden’ are filled with  them  

It seems such a paradox, that as they/we sit in their summer clothes, sleeveless t-shirts, legs laid bare in their summer shorts, floaty summer dresses – their skins drinking in the strange summer rays, that the trees become ever more naked, their golden leaves gently falling, and dancing in the warm breeze.

And this week, the sky has softly turned purple as the sun slowly sets and white trails linger highlighting difference of days.

I’ve really enjoyed this ‘Indian Summer’, I have had the week off, and have enjoyed sitting in my porch in the evening, reading  and of course with a glass of wine.  I have enjoyed taking a breath, and the last rays of sunshine and the Indian Summer before the onset of the Autumn and of course Winter.

I truly believe we are Reuven a moment at time to prepare ourselves, when what is to come will be hard and challenging.   I do think that this winter will be ‘hard’ for many, financially, personally  and of course weather wise.  

I truly believe that this last few days of sun, are the promise that things will get better, that come what may, through the hard and dark times that will come,  that the light and the sun will always returns

Though I have to add that I am really looking forward to being here in the lodge this Yule time. 

*Indian Summer

These are the days when birds come back,
A very few, a bird or two,
To take a backward look.

These are the days when skies put on
The old, old sophistries of June, —
A blue and gold mistake.

Oh, fraud that cannot cheat the bee,
Almost thy plausibility
Induces my belief,

Till ranks of seeds their witness bear,
And softly through the altered air
Hurries a timid leaf!

Oh, sacrament of summer days,
Oh, last communion in the haze,
Permit a child to join,

Thy sacred emblems to partake,
Thy consecrated bread to break,
Taste thine immortal wine!

by Emily Dickinson

©2011 Shullie H Porter.  All Rights Reserved.*



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I'm a 50 plus [ how time flies] multifaceted, oxymoron, who can never really make her mind up. A Follow of the Hekate, a Wælcyrie who walks in the liminal spaces, between and betwix. a Medium, ( I'll talk to anyone dead or alive), a Writer of short stories, a disorganised Blogger, Cake Baker, Jam Maker; Mother Grandmother and Wife.
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One Response to Indian Summer

  1. DK Green says:

    beautiful thought/sentiment… thank you for sharing it, Magical pictures too xx

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