Once Upon A time, Far Far Away…


I hear you ask,

‘How did you come to live in such a wonderful and magical place?’

Well it was a ‘Gift’.

I know , I know, I can hear you say ‘ a Gift?’

So where do I start and how much can I share with you,

How much would you believe?

Would you believe, for instance, that lets say approximately seven years ago, that I had a dream. 

‘Not unusual’ I hear you say, ‘most people have dreams,’

‘Come on get on with it.’

Okay Okay let me tell you the story, otherwise we will be here all day.

As I have said, approximately Seven years ago, my delightful OH and I lived in a tall tall ‘tree’. 

Well okay it wasn’t a ‘tree’, in the normal sense of the word,[1]

But the pigeons who shared our balcony,

Who made their nest there

Who brought up their young there,

Thought it was ‘tree’,  and so I will go with them. 

They make as much sense of it as most others do. 

So the OH and I were living in the tall tall tree, though thankfully we were only on the 5th branch.

But from our windows we could see across the town, and over to the hills in the distance. 

 At night, when the moon sang, and shined brightly.

When the sky was covered with her darkest mantle, the lights of the city shone below us, We could see for miles and miles and miles.

In the winter we would watch the snow as it made it’s way westwards

And towards us.

We watched as the Skadi the Snow Goddess covered the cold grey pavements with sparking diamonds,

And laughed like children as we lay in our bed and saw the Heavenly Hosts

Flash dance across Midnight Skies.

On *Bonfire night, we would watch fireworks going off across the city and beyond, Challenging the stars to shine more brightly.

Below us were the Dark dark woods,

Where foxes and badgers lived, hidden from the everyday folk.

We would sit and watch them as they cross the diamond encrusted pavements,

The silver grassland in the midst of winter, looking for food and tasty morsels,

We would listen for them in early spring when they sang to their children.

There were Owls who would hooted as they hunted

And there was Crow

Always Crow

 Who called to me, who sat and watched me

 Who followed me


 And occasionally in the Dark dark woods we would hear The Savages screaming as they danced and howled when set the sky aglow…

On those nights the faerie, the fey , tree nymphs and other little folk hid themselves safely away and sighed at the loss of Magic.

We were happy in our ‘tree,’ amongst the branches for many years,

That was until the unknown, unthinking foolish Savages came out of the Dark dark wood, and came and tried to burn the ‘tree’ down.

After that the ‘tree’ fell silent, the spirit of the ‘tree’ hid away, and those who lived in the branches began to leave.

One night, shortly after the Savages had tried to burn down the ‘tree’,

I had a dream.

I dreamed of a House,

A House that sat at the bottom of a long long avenue of Tall Tall Trees.

As I walked down the Avenue of Tall Tall Trees

I could see that the House sat waiting .

It was a House with a small arched white door,  with small crisscross windows,

A House with four tall chimneys 

A House with a porch, made of dark pillars,

With seats on which no-one had sat for a long long time.

A House that had been left and unloved

 I dreamed that I opened the small arch door, with it’s black black hinges

And finding no one was home,

I wandered in.

I called out asking if anyone was Home, and wandered among the rooms,

in the  darkness of night. 

There was no light, yet I could see clearly.

The house held it’s breath as I wandered around,

There were people there, I knew, I was aware,

But they did not engage me or acknowledge me,

They just watched,

Hidden in the shadows they did not speak, not even a whisper.

 I climber the higgldypiggly stairs and looked out through the small arched window.

I saw a Fox and it smiled at me

I looked in each of the bedrooms.

I looked in the dining room

I looked in the sitting room at the big black fire

 I peeked down the cellar steps

I wandered round, excited, not afraid until I found myself back in the kitchen

Where I sat in large window seat, and rubbed at the small glass panes.

Then someone was there and they smiled at me.

I asked where and when and was told all in good time.

As I left the house a Crow cawed to me,

and I smiled, knowing one day I would come Home

As the Crow cawed, I awoke

Back in my bed, still in the ‘tree’.

 We looked and we looked for the Lodge for months, even years but no sign of it. 

We found plenty of small lodges and gatekeepers cottages, but none that fitted the bill.

Until the dream faded and I put it away in my little box of memories.

It was after all just a dream wasn’t it?

Common sense told me it was….

I think Common sense is over rated!

And that’s why it’s ‘common!’

Years passed as they have a tendency to do, and we finally moved from the ‘tree,’ to a small small house,

Where we were joined by a large black dog.

 She made herself at home.

Always there,

Ever by my side

And of course there was Crow… at the bottom of the Garden

Though the small small house, never felt like ‘Home.’

It was a stopping off place, transient

 Yet we lived there, life carried on as it has a habit of doing

 We laughed, we cried, we danced, we slept.

Though I didn’t dream of the House again

 Family came and went as it does.

 Families grow as they do,

My children had children of their own,

They loved and lost and loved again,

They met new partner’s  who had children too

 My sisters also met partners and had children .

 And so we grew and grew just like Topsy**

And every year when Yule/Christmas came around and we had the big family dinner in the small small house,

we all squeezed and squeezed in.

The little one moved over and we made sure they did not fall out.

 Then last year, I made a wish,

I asked the Goddess of All Things, I asked her,

Well I didn’t just ask her, 

I wrote her a letter, thanking her for all her blessings, for all the love, and laughter, for the children, but…

There is always a ‘but’…

‘Please…,’ I asked her, ‘Please,’ I said

Can I please have a bigger house, one where we can all fit round the table on Christmas Day!

For that year there had been 17 of us….and no room to breathe..

We managed, off course,  because we are small hobbit like creatures…

But how many Hobbits can you get in one place?

And my children  seem to have grown and grown, getting taller and taller

So now we have 6 foot Hobbits

And 6 foot Hobbits take up a lot of space.

 So I put pen to paper and wrote the letter.

I asked for other things too, and perhaps I will share them will you  too.

But that’s for another day.

I took the letter and wrapped it in a blue ribbon and placed it somewhere safe!

And then came January,  – nothing.

February – nothing

March- nothing

April- hmmmmmm

a notice

‘A Lodge for rent.’

I looked, and wondered, and looked and thought.

I went home and talked with OH

We got in the car and came for a look see but only from the outside

I had a funny feeling in my tummy… a distant memory

so we applied… and waited


 We had an interview

 Grilled in front of a panel

 okay maybe not ‘grilled’

 But we were interviewed

 And the  we waited… with ‘baited’ breath

Though I was not sure what we were hoping to ‘catch’ .

 We still hadn’t been inside

And the it came..

not a letter, not even a phone call

 but an email

 It is the 21st Century.

 With a click, It came…

 ‘Would we like?’

‘Would we like??????’


So the day came and we came to look see .

 The House has been empty for a while,

 There had been a previous tenant, but he had left.

Left it unloved, cold, alone.

Yet still the House had  waited, while time stood still.

The day came, as did the key holder,

To the porch with black poles

 And the big key turned in the big black lock

And it opened the white arched door with it black black hinges

 The trees stopped rustling, the birds caught their breath

Pauses became pregnant

 And  the world forgot to spin. 

We, not being metaphors,  walked into the kitchen.








 We just looked at each other OH and I.

No really we did, we gulped and gulped again, then we just looked at each other

 When the key holder asked what did we think?

And did we want it….?

We just nodded, and finally the words came

‘Yes please…’ we whispered, ‘Yes Please….’

And the House let out it’s breath

And we felt it.

Tree – noun \ˈtrē\
Definition of TREE
1. : a woody perennial plant having a single usually elongate main stem generally with few or no branches on its lower part
2. : something in the form of or resembling a tree: as diagram or graph that branches usually from a simple  stem or vertex without forming loops of polygons

*Bonfire Night

** Topsy

©2011 Shullie H Porter.  All Rights Reserved.*



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I'm a 50 plus [ how time flies] multifaceted, oxymoron, who can never really make her mind up. A Follow of the Hekate, a Wælcyrie who walks in the liminal spaces, between and betwix. a Medium, ( I'll talk to anyone dead or alive), a Writer of short stories, a disorganised Blogger, Cake Baker, Jam Maker; Mother Grandmother and Wife.
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8 Responses to Once Upon A time, Far Far Away…

  1. Jan says:

    That was a stunning story and one I could read over and over and over…… I’m about to move into a home been dreaming of for a very long time. No, i’ts not mind, it’s rented but I’m so excited.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely words 🙂

  2. Goose bumps… this gave me goose bumps!

    And the memory of that reading I did for you loomed, telling me, of course it’s meant!

  3. tiigaanc says:


    thank you.

  4. this is so beautiful. thanks for sharing! – B

  5. P says:

    Thankyou for making me smile first thing in the morning.

  6. And as we looked out across the sea last October hearts twin of mine, I told you the waiting was nearly over, and that the hobbit house was coming, and now across the miles I see it through your eyes even though I am so far away……

  7. Beautiful words for a dream come true

  8. Lorraine says:

    This is a beautiful beginning of a truly enchanting tale and I will wait eagerly for the next chapter

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